The Wings of Freedom Tour in Concord

I flew last August to San Diego. In 2007 I paid to have my father fly in the Nine O Nine for Father Day. His father was a belly gunner in a B17 during WWII and my father always wanted to see one up close. cheap nfl jerseys So you can imagine how he felt when we surprised him and sent him up in it. When they landed, he got off the plane and had tears in his eyes, one of the few times I ever saw him in years. He loved it, I think bought every Nine O Nine souvenir they had, even a bomber jacket. He wanted to do the P 51 but unfortunately passed away in 2009.

A lot of people commenting here where they flown. It a great country where so many of us have the opportunities we have, to freely fly where we want, when we want and to where we want.

I not interested in flying in one. I be more interested seeing that money being donated to a soldier, sailor, airmen or Marine who is in desperate need of a flight home for emergency reasons. Because you never know if it the last time they get to see their loved ones while preserving our freedoms here at home.

My last ride in the sky was 3 years ago to Alaska where I worked on a commercial salmon fishing boat for 6 weeks with a bunch of Sicilian guys. Catching 70,000 lbs of sockeye on a 32 ft boat was probably the most entertaining way I ever made a buck. This ticket would go to my father in law that spends all of his retired days working on WW2 model airplanes and playing flight simulator games. He would enjoy this more than anyone I have ever known. I would probably have to pony up some coin to see the look on his face.

Hi my name is Jack clemens and I am a EAA student pilot, my mentor or avation instructor John Cicero has been teaching me how to fly for about 1 year. We met at the collins foundation last year and now I can appericiate the time and effort people and volunteers put in to making the beast fly. Buchanan airport is my home away from home where I have earned the famous nickname airport bum. Along with fly ing real air planes I also fly rc airplanes where I am almost soloed. My favorate air plane is the B 17. My grandfather flew f4u corsairs in the Navy explaining why I know a lot of ww2 aircraft. I have been going since I was 3 years old to the event. The last time I flew an airplane was may 21st in a lancair. Thank you for your time and consideration in this.

Back when I first enlisted, I was considering the Air Force and the Navy. I came to the conclusion that I could already tread water, but I was never going to learn to tread air, so I selected the Navy. Besides, there are a lot more planes in the ocean than submarines in the sky.

There are a lot of considerations in designing warplanes, but comfort is not among them. The most uncomfortable flight I ever took was on a SAC tanker from Guam to Pearl Harbor, but it got me home. Another time, I flew on a Navy passenger flight from NAS Alameda. On takeoff, we literally split the uprights on the Bay Bridge. In hindsight that was a pretty cool experience. Nevertheless, if I had the money, I would love to take one of those training flights!

Wow, there allot of great stories and comments and very deserving people. I sure this is going to be very difficult for the Mayor to choose! Haven been on a plane in such a long time, can really remember. It funny that on Memorial Day when I heard them rumbling over my house I though how cool would it be to fly in one of those. Thanks Mayor!

Last flew to East Coast in fall 2015 to attend wedding. Have 4 military sons, Air Force and Army. Two are veterans, and two are currently serving. We would be so very happy to surprise their dad with a flight on WWII plane! Also, a fifth brother (who wanted to, but was unable to enlist) would also be thrilled to fly. He is actually the most patriotic of the bunch, and it would give him great pride to represent his brothers on one of these beautiful and heroic flying birds. Whoever wins, when you are up there on this thrill of a lifetime, close your eyes and say a prayer for all of our lost heroes. God Bless America! God Bless our Troops! God Bless our Veterans!

I went up in one of your B 17 when you were out here in Concord a few years back. If I won this great prize, I would give it to one of my Pearl Harbor Survivors to enjoy. For me to fly around the Bay Area especially over the fleet and USS Iowa, it was a chance of a lifetime and have fond memories. I still talk about my experience. I been a lucid dreamer my whole life and occasionally, sometimes I have amazingly real flying dreams. About 2 weeks ago I was dreaming I was standing in my front yard and realized if I stretch my arms out horizontally and then rotate my palms up I could fly. It was amazing, in seconds I was whizzing over Concord High watching a soccer game below. Depending on the angle I rotated I could descend, climb or go faster. I wanted to see how high I could go and went straight up like a backwards diver and within seconds I must have been at 10,000 and realized I was freezing and had to go back down. It was so real I could feel the cold. Lucid dreaming is a blessing and a curse, sometimes the mind visits amazing places and sometimes it just exhausting.

Flying Dreams309, Isn that fun? I have flying dreams often. I always have done. In them I am able to rise vertically off the ground, and in an upright, or standing position I become lighter than air, and I can slowly or quickly propel wherever I want to go, just by willing it. It totally cool, until whenever I want to descend. At that time I must prepare to drop, feet first, and I prepare myself mentally for a hard and painful landing, as I drop from generally anywhere from 40 to 60 feet up. That is as low as I can wish myself down before I drop like a sack of flour the rest of the way. I not sure why it must end like that, but it does each and every time.

October 7, 1999 during Fleet Week in a two seater open cockpit Red Barron Pizza vintage byplane (sp?) departing from the Hiller Aviation Museum in Santa Clara flying to Half Moon Bay where, once we were safely over the water, the pilot performed six aeronautical stunt flying maneuvers before flying back to Santa Clara Hiller Aviation Museum. That particular day, a Thursday as I recall, was one of the most beautiful days God ever created and the spectacular view and profound beauty of the Bay Area will forever remain in my mind. I love to win this contest!

The last time I flew in a plane was one of the many times that I wanted to become a pilot. A P51 mustang crashed on Detroit ave in concord and my oldest brother was walking home from the air show we all attended. If I had to choose what WW1 area plane I would fly in it would be the Liberator name after all says it all.

Last time I was on a plane was 2 years ago in August on our way home from Seattle.

While in Seattle visitingy family, my fiance and I visted the museum of flight. My fiance LOVED it. I remember I sat for 20 minutes waiting for him to play on this little flight simulator made for kids lol. He loves planes and he knows just about everything he could know about WW2.

He would LOVE to see these planes. He would flip his sht to actually fly on one. I want to win this for him, I personally would rather just look, with my feet on the ground lol

RECENT COMMENTS:Justin on Demolished Safety Barrels on Ygnacio Valley Rd. in Concord Cleaned UpWe did it everyone (not really)anonanonagain on Massive Bust in Contra Costa County Nets 24 Alleged Norteno Gang MembersThey don’t deserve to breathe the air that we inhale. Scumbags that think that they are beyond the law. Let’s hope that they face years

Well said 32 on Massive Bust in Contra Costa County Nets 24 Alleged Norteno Gang MembersHope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. Desmond Tutu

KJ on Concord Police to Step Up Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Patrols on ThursdayI read a study that was done in Europe that found riding a bike on a street where the speed limit is greater than 35

TIFOKCIS on Spare the Air Alert Issued for Thursday, 14th of Summer SeasonThis has to be Trump’s fault. Big Oil? Come on lets hear your little heads spin it.

The crazy history of pro hockey in Brooklyn

In Brooklyn, when it comes to sports and heartbreak, thoughts turn to the Dodgers. What most people don’t realize is that a decade before the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles, it was the National Hockey League that toyed with and then abandoned the borough.

But the history of disappointment and broken promises in Brooklyn is about to end. And it’s a truth is stranger than fiction tale.

The first NHL team in New York City was not the Rangers, but the New York Americans. The team was owned by William “Big Bill” Dwyer, a bootlegger. With cash to burn, he bought a franchise from north of the border, the Hamilton Tigers (yet another story of abandonment and heartbreak), and brought them to New York City in 1924.

The team was one of the first tenants in the third incarnation of Madison Square Garden, located on 8th Avenue and 49th Street. The Americans’ debut pre dated the Rangers by a season.

But the Americans were doomed from the start. Before the home opener, Dwyer was arrested on federal charges. cheap nfl jerseys The case was billed as the greatest liquor conspiracy in the history of prohibition enforcement. Then, the Garden’s ownership brought in the Rangers. The Rangers were not only owned by the Garden, they were better financed than the Americans.

And, of course, they weren’t hampered by an owner serving time in federal prison.

The record book tells the story. During the 16 seasons that the Rangers and the Americans shared the Garden ice, the Rangers played in six NHL finals and won three Stanley Cups. In contrast, the Americans only mustered three winning seasons.

In 1936, when Dwyer was finally hounded out of the league, the Americans’ player coach Mervyn “Red” Dutton took over the team. Dutton recognized what Dwyer did not. When it comes to professional hockey, co location doesn’t work.

Where some people saw perennial losers, Dutton saw a gruff but lovable lunch bucket team. He wanted to put the team in a new environment that matched their image.

Just before the 1941 42 season, Dutton moved to Brooklyn and encouraged his players to do the same. The team began practicing at the Brooklyn Ice Palace on Atlantic and Bedford avenues, while Dutton looked for a location to build a new arena. And, although the team still played its games at the Garden, they wore jerseys that proudly proclaimed their future home: Brooklyn.

At the end of the Brooklyn Americans’ inaugural season, with World War II raging and players leaving to join the war effort, the Americans suspended operation. Before shutting down his team, Dutton extracted a promise from the NHL: At the end of the war, the Americans would once again be allowed to play in the NHL and in Brooklyn.

In June 1946, with the war over, Dutton attended an NHL meeting and presented his plan to revive the franchise. The response was as cold as ice. There would be no Brooklyn franchise. The Rangers were opposed.

At that point, Dutton famously told the Board of Governors, “You can stick your franchise up your ass.” With that, his 40 year involvement with the NHL came to an end, as did the dream of a Brooklyn NHL franchise.

A few years ago, when rumors began circulating that the Islanders might actually be lured to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, I was skeptical. I thought that the then borough president, the ever optimistic Marty Markowitz, might believe that NHL hockey belonged in Brooklyn, but he didn’t know hockey or history. There was only one lesson to draw from Red Dutton’s legacy: not in my lifetime.

Well, I’m delighted to be proved wrong.

Tonight, NHL hockey returns to Brooklyn when the Islanders host the Philadelphia Flyers in the team’s first preseason game, and first home game at the Barclays Center. Red Dutton died in 1987. It took almost 75 years, but his legacy is finally being fulfilled.

Steven M. Cohen served as a consultant to the Brooklyn Historical Society in connection with their forthcoming exhibition Brooklyn Americans: Hockey’s Forgotten Promise.

talk accusations about injured Seahawk

ARLINGTON Dez Bryant returned from his five game absence Sunday, but the Cowboys receiver created more noise in the locker room after the game than on the field.

Bryant has spent the last six weeks recovering from a fractured fifth metatarsal bone on the outside of his right foot that required surgery Sept. 14.

The Cowboys didn’t exactly ease him back into the mix against Seattle. He played 48 of the team’s 58 offensive snaps, but he finished with only two catches for 12 yards.

Most of the game, Bryant seemed more like a decoy than a go to player as the Cowboys targeted him only six times. cheap nfl jerseys The Seahawks certainly didn’t ignore Bryant, having Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman cover him all day no matter what side of the field he was on before the snap.

In the end, Bryant’s presence meant little in a loss to Seattle that saw Cowboys quarterback Matt Cassel pass for a measly 97 yards.

Sherman broke up the first two passes thrown to Bryant, including the first play of the game when the Cowboys tried to hit him on a slant route. Later in the game, the Cowboys tried to hit Bryant twice on deep passes down the sideline but to no avail.

“I knew that we were not just going to use Dez as a decoy,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. “On the other hand, I did expect once we showed that he’d get his usual attention out there and he’d man up against their best guy. I thought he’d get the usual attention and then open it up. I thought that was what was happening to us in the running game, and frankly it should have been there for us with some of our other receivers.”

Bryant said he was OK after the game. Coach Jason Garrett said Bryant “responded to the work well.”

“I thought for the first time out to play as many snaps as he did was a positive sign,” Garrett added.

After the game, Bryant was particularly upset with in game tweets that he said misinterpreted what he was saying late in the first half as Seattle receiver Ricardo Lockette lay on the turf after a violent collision with Cowboys safety Jeff Heath on a Seahawks’ punt.

Lockette had to be strapped to a board and placed on a stretcher before he was carted into the locker room. Seattle players were upset with the hit and some approached the Cowboys sideline during the delay. The teams were kept apart by coaches.

Bryant brought up the tweets during his postgame visit with media before being asked follow up questions.

Bryant said the words caught by Fox TV cameras were directed at an official and not at Seattle players.

“Not once did I say, ‘That’s what you get,’” Bryant said. “I got on one knee and prayed for that man. Don’t put clips together and do that. That didn’t have anything to do with them. I would never in my life do that to anybody. I’m too busy trying to break it up, get our players back.”

Bryant’s anger increased as he continued to answer questions on the topic, eventually yelling at reporters to leave his locker area.

“That’s wrong,” Bryant said. “Honestly, that really pissed me off. That is not right. That is not right.”

Sherman called Bryant a “phenomenal receiver, one of the best in the league” after the game. Sherman was then asked if Bryant looked rusty.

“Maybe a bit in some of his plays,” Sherman said. “It took him a second to get into his rhythm, but I think once he got into rhythm he was the same old Dez. Any time you take that kind of time off from the game it’s going to be a transition, but it’s going to be a very short transition for him.”

That’s what Jones believes as well with the Cowboys preparing this week to play Philadelphia on Sunday night.

“He had a good outing [Sunday]. He’ll get more work, which will help his conditioning,” Jones said. “I thought that he ran well and cut well from where he was, when he had to put some strain or pressure in the direction of where he needed that foot to be stable.

Super subs clean up for Blue Jays

Mark DeRosa hit in the cleanup spot because Adam Lind couldn’t. Arencibia became a late designated hitter replacement when Edwin Encarnacion sat out. Rajai Davis played for the injured Melky Cabrera.

All three delivered on Canada Day. Dickey (8 8) breathing room with a three run homer, and Davis had two hits, two runs and two stolen bases as the Blue Jays defeated the Detroit Tigers 8 3.

Toronto Blue Jays’ Rajai Davis (L), Munenori Kawasaki (C), and Jose Reyes celebrate defeating the Detroit Tigers in their MLB American League baseball game in Toronto, July 1, 2013.

Red, White and Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre

The Jays evened their record at 41 41 to start the second half of their 162 game schedule at a sold out Rogers Centre, in front of a crowd wearing promotional red baseball caps and red and blue T shirts. cheap nfl jerseys The 45,000 in attendance crooned the national anthem with a large flag unfurled in the outfield, chanted second baseman Munenori Kawasaki’s last name repeatedly, serenaded Jose Bautista (“Jose, Jose Jose Jose, Jose, Jose”), even paid homage to relief pitcher Aaron Loup with a “Looouuuu” drone in the ninth inning.

“Nice to come through for the people of Canada,” DeRosa said. “I thought it was awesome. Especially with us coming off a tough road trip, it was tough to get out of bed in the morning, but to get here and see the place packed out and rocking, it definitely gets the juices flowing.”

Despite a 2 5 road trip to Tampa Bay and Boston, the Jays are 17 7 since June 7. The loss dropped the Tigers (43 38) into second place in the American League Central.

With Encarnacion (hamstring) a late scratch, and Lind enduring back spasms, Jays manager John Gibbons moved Davis to second from fifth in the order, Bautista to third from second, Colby Rasmus to fifth from sixth, and Arencibia from the bench (with Josh Thole catching Dickey) into the six hole against Detroit starter Jose Alvarez (1 2).

DeRosa remained in the cleanup spot. Despite his .211 average in part time play and a recent slump, the 38 year old veteran has delivered an inordinate number of crucial hits. He hit the three run, opposite field, two out homer in the fourth inning after the Tigers had posted their only two runs off Dickey to close the margin to 5 2.

Before the homer, Davis had singled and stole second base off relief pitcher Luke Putkonen, who pitched carefully to Bautista, ultimately walking him to get to DeRosa.

“Hitting fourth this season was definitely not on the agenda,” said DeRosa, who made the score 8 2 with his fifth homer. “Like I told Jose [in the second inning], he had three balls on him and I screamed to him he could probably take the shin guard off because they were definitely going to walk him to come to me.”

With Jose Reyes and Davis on top of the batting order, the Blue Jays can intimidate a defence with formidable speed “not exciting for the opposing pitcher,” said Davis, who functions normally as a late inning replacement for Cabrera. Davis has nine hits in his past 19 at bats.

“Coming off the bench, the ball seems to jump on you a little faster,” he said. “But when you’re in there a lot, you’re seeing it and 93, 94 [miles an hour] doesn’t look as fast.”

Kawasaki, playing second for the struggling Emilio Bonifacio, provided a lead with an RBI single in the second inning.

The Jays added four runs in the third for a 5 0 lead as Reyes led off with a homer, before Davis doubled and stole third base when catcher Brayan Pena threw softly back to Alvarez following a pitch to Bautista.

“It’s tough to do in the major leagues,” Davis said. “I think they were sleeping a little bit and I just thought I could get to third base before he could throw. It’s a risk, but a calculated one.”

DeRosa struck out after Bautista drew his first walk, but with the bases loaded and one out, Arencibia hit a two run single and Maicer Izturis followed with a sacrifice fly.

Bonne saison de chasse pour la sauvagine

Année, nous avons eu une augmentation de la récolte pour les canards et les oies par les chasseurs, et nous attendons une autre bonne saison basée sur des enquêtes de production en Alaska et au Canada, a déclaré Don Kraege, un gestionnaire de poissons d’eau et de la sauvagine. A vu une augmentation des canards, y compris les oies des neiges de l’île Wrangel [un terrain de reproduction dans l'océan Arctique]. 13 17 et 20 oct. 27, avec une chasse spéciale pour les jeunes prévue pour le 22 septembre 23.

Le plus lu StoriesRichard Sherman fusion? Les Seahawks disent qu’ils vont pousser à travers et rester sur le chemin WATCHWhat les médias nationaux disent de Richard Sherman et les Seahawks après avoir battu le FalconsSeahawks ‘Pete Carroll sur Atlanta demandant à la NFL de revoir dernière pièce:’ Nous n’irons pas ce jeu en Une femme accusée après une bagarre sauvage conduit le capitaine à transformer le traversier de Bremerton. L’explosion de Richard Sherman est un sous-produit de l’approche de l’entraîneur des Seahawks Pete Carroll? Matt Calkins WATCHUnlimited Accès Numérique. 1 $ pour 4 semaines.

Les espèces de canards sont à des niveaux record, y compris les canards de toile, et c’est pourquoi nous avons fait une limite de sac plus libérale pour eux, Kraege dit.

La population d’oies des neiges qui hiverne dans la vallée de Skagit a augmenté depuis une dizaine d’années et devrait encore augmenter cette année.

Fournissent plusieurs semaines de plus de possibilités de chasse pour les oies des neiges [sur l'île de Fir] dans le comté de Skagit [zone de gestion de l'oie 1], a déclaré Kraege.

La saison de chasse générale des oies des neiges dans GMA 1 est le 13 octobre 25 et le 3 nov. 27 janvier. Les chasseurs devraient vérifier la brochure de règlement pour des détails spécifiques et les jours de la chasse semaine est autorisé.

Les limites spéciales pour le canard colvert, le pintail, la rousse, le scaup, l’harlequin, le scoter et le canard à queue longue restent les mêmes et sont inclus dans la saison de chasse de 107 jours.

Les saisons de chasse à l’oie varient selon les zones de gestion de l’État, mais la plupart sont ouvertes le 13 octobre et la dernière en janvier 2008.

La Ruffed Grouse Society aura une Journée du Travail Habitat samedi dans la Forêt Nationale de Snoqualmie près de North Bend. Le projet créera un habitat pour les tétras et autres espèces sauvages. canada goose pas cher Les participants peuvent obtenir des crédits d’heures de conservation pour Advance Hunter Education. Détails: 206 667 8211 ou 206 232 0603. Mercredi au Centre communautaire North Bellevue, 4063 148th Ave. Le conférencier invité sera Gary Loomis, président de la Coastal Conservation Association Washington Chapter. Détails: 425 562 9180.

Le Elger Bay Grocery Charity Salmon Derby est le 18 août 19 au lancement du bateau du parc d’état de Camano Island. Le coût est de 40 $, et les enfants de 12 ans et moins sont gratuits.

L’entrepôt de Sportsman, 1405 S. 348th St. le 19 août.

Les classes sont conçues pour enseigner une introduction à l’équipement, la théorie du moulage et des techniques, des leaders et des nœuds. Les instructeurs incluent Darrel Martin, certifié par la Fédération des pêcheurs de mouche, et le personnel de magasin. Les étudiants doivent apporter leur propre équipement. Le coût est de 50 $. Pré-inscription est obligatoire. Détails: 253 835 4100.

La San Juan Audubon Society organise une excursion à l’île de San Juan samedi.

Les bénévoles effectueront des quarts de travail de quatre heures sur le site de pêche pour recueillir des données et relâcher le poisson. Des travailleurs de quart sont nécessaires pour surveiller le site 24 heures par jour à partir du 15 août 15 octobre. Détails: 360 275 3575.

Un nouveau sentier de randonnée le long du sentier de la chèvre de fer est ouvert et suit la plupart de la ligne abandonnée de Great Northern Railroad, juste à l’ouest de Stevens Pass Summit.

Les niveaux supérieur et inférieur du système sont maintenant reliés par un sentier croisé entre Windy Point et le site d’interprétation de la chèvre de fer.

Le sentier d’inversion du croisement est inférieur à un mile de long et grimpe un peu plus de 600 pieds pour se connecter avec le grade supérieur. Après cela, c’est seulement une randonnée d’un quart de mile sur le niveau supérieur à la Windy Point Overlook, avec vue sur le haut Tye River Basin.

state ban for ‘Piggyback Bandit’

HELENA, Mont. The stocky man showed up in a basketball uniform for a game at Century High School in North Dakota. Players and coaches assumed he was a fan who had come with another team, so nobody objected when he began to pitch in around the bench.

“He helped lay out uniforms, got water. He even gave a couple of kids shoulder massages. Creepy stuff like that,” said Jim Haussler, activities director for the Bismarck Public School District.

“He makes himself appear as if he’s limited or handicapped. I think he plays an empathy card, so to speak,” Haussler said. “We didn’t realize what we were dealing with until several days later.”

What they were dealing with the night of Feb. 4 was the Piggyback Bandit Sherwin Shayegan of Bothell, Wash., a 28 year old man who ingratiates himself with high school sports teams, then hoists his 5 foot 8, 240 pound frame onto the backs of the student athletes.

Shayegan’s antics stretch back to 2008 and had been mainly confined to Washington and Oregon. But since last fall, he has worked his way east to Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota, leaving a trail of befuddled athletes in his wake.

Shayegan has asked for piggybacks, attempted to pay for piggybacks and just sprung one upon an unsuspecting kid. He favors basketball games, but he also has leapt onto hockey, soccer and football players.

He has pretended to interview athletes for a term paper, acted as a team manager or just tried to blend in with the crowd for a piggyback payoff.

Why he does it is unclear, as is who came up with the “Piggyback Bandit” nickname that now follows him wherever he goes. cheap nfl jerseys Shayegan, contacted on his cellphone Tuesday, politely declined to speak of the piggyback rides until he could talk to an attorney.

“I’d prefer not to comment, if that’s OK,” he said.

Seattle resident Paul Huenefeldt, a family friend of Sheyegan’s for about 20 years, said Shayegan is not a threat, but he is obsessive and has emotional problems “that can come across threatening or weird.” Shayegan has never really fit in, but what he wants more than anything is to be liked and accepted.

“He does not have a place to turn. He is one of these individuals living on the sidelines of society,” Huenefeldt said. “I don’t see that there are safety nets for people like that.”

Shayegan has a lengthy criminal rapsheet in Washington as well as nine outstanding warrants in one town in that state. Because of his piggyback antics, he has been banned from high school sporting events in Washington, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota.

“What’s disturbing to me is that he is jumping on our young athletes, he is 240 pounds, and he can hurt someone,” said Mark Beckman, executive director of the Montana High School Sports Association.

In October, Shayegan was arrested in Helena, Mont., for jumping on two unsuspecting high school soccer players during a state tournament.

Shayegan said something to a motel clerk in Helena that day that prompted the clerk to call police. A plainclothes officer went to the tournament and watched Shayegan jump on the back of a player.

Shayegan pleaded guilty on Feb. 1 to two misdemeanor assault charges. He was fined $730, given a 360 day suspended prison sentence and told not to go to any more Montana high school events.

“Go back to Seattle and behave,” Judge Bob Wood told him, according to the Independent Record of Helena.

Shayegan didn’t listen. Just three days later, he struck again at the Bismarck basketball game. He also received a piggyback ride from a hockey player after a hockey game that same day.

That one day spree led to Shayegan being banned from sporting events by North Dakota High School Activities Association executive secretary Sherman Sylling.

Later that week, Shayegan turned up at three basketball games in Minnesota, including the only college game where his appearance has been noted, St. Olaf versus Concordia. At that Feb. 8 game, Shayegan sat near the St. Olaf bench. Like the Bismarck game, it was assumed he had come with the other team.

“I think at one point he was giving water to individuals,” said Mike Ludwig, St. Olaf’s sports information director.

But he kept getting too close to the players, making one coach uneasy. Someone told Shayegan to back off, and he did, Ludwig said.

There were no piggybacks that night, nor were there any when he later appeared at high school events in St. Cloud and Minneapolis. The Minnesota State High School League joined the other states in banning him, with executive director David Stead writing that Shayegan “Is known to cause a direct threat to the health and safety of student athletes and others.”

Police believe Shayegan may have gone back to western Washington, where he has 16 convictions dating back to 2004 that include multiple counts of criminal trespass, vehicle prowling, resisting arrest and a felony possession of controlled substance without a prescription.

The western Washington town of Mount Vernon has nine outstanding warrants for his arrest, mostly for failing to appear in court or not showing up for work crews as part of a sentence for an earlier conviction. Police in the nearby city of Anacortes have issued a bulletin asking anyone who sees or contacts him to call 911 immediately.

Huenefeldt said Shayegan’s mother and grandmother live in the Seattle area, and his brother is a pediatrician in the Army stationed in Missouri. Shayegan’s father returned to his native Iran, and Shayegan has been adrift and in search of a father figure, Huenefeldt said.

Shayegan called Huenefeldt after his problems in Minnesota.

“He was pretty disturbed. I said, You need to come home and you need to stay home because people aren’t going to put up with this, Sherwin,’” Huenefeldt said. “He said, You’re right.’ He was very subdued, he was down.”

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If it were on tv it would be on: Sci Fi The Washington Post called this “a dizzying magic show of a novel, chock a block with all the props of Victorian sensation fiction: seances, multiple

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Why Billington Survived The Friendly Indian On March 22, 1621, an official Native American delegation walked through what is now southern New England to negotiate.

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Rabies is a preventable viral disease of mammals usually transmitted through the bite of an infected animal. Find the best time for web meetings (meeting planner) or use. The rabies virus infects the

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Little brown bats, Myotis lucifugus, are abundant in southern Alaska, Canada, across the United States from the Pacific to Atlantic coasts, and the. About the World Clock; Commonly reported problems

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Basic Information Understanding the Difference Different animals are awake at different parts of the day. Here are a few basic distinctions: Nocturnal awake and. Our guest were so delighted and our

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Amazing Bats Frank Greenaway Bat Jamboree Kathi Appelt Bat Time Ruth Horowitz Bats: Mammals That Fly Marlene Sway Bats Misunderstood John L. Hommedieu Bat Jamboree by Kathi Appelt. Thank

you admin for all your help with the math presentations. Cached: bbbd54b0e091fa6ff9ce7976e65b9f67 / 1304792231 My class had so much fun learning all about bats and owls last week. Appelt brings

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Peter’s United Church of Christ Elmhurst, IL Robert K. Eagan, Minister Unity Center for Positive Living Mel Gibson?s ex wife lands part of star?s retirement package Battles and Victories of Allen

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