The Quick Guide for New Snowbirds

The weather has turned and the temperature has dropped. With the change in the seasons, it’s time for a change of scenery.

You’ve worked too hard for too long to endure another long winter. That’s why we’ve provided the ultimate guide for every snowbird.

Where to go:

You’ve decided to leave. Now you need to figure out where you want to go.

Find the North Star and start walking in the opposite direction. While Florida is the favorite of many, we encourage you to broaden your search. San Diego, Corpus Christi and Tucson are some of our favorite locations.

What to bring:

1. Your car! You don’t want to bother waiting for the bus. Cars Transport can ship your car from your summer residence to your new winter wonderland. Our affordable, reliable shipping services make this the easiest part of the Snowbird experience.

2. A pair of shorts. Leave those long-john’s and gortex jackets at your first home because you won’t be needing any of it once you get below the Mason-Dixon line.

The most important thing:

Don’t just pick a place based on the temperature. Find the right place. The right culture, food, atmosphere that fits your lifestyle.