College Auto Transport

We all know how expensive college is, especially when your children are going to a university out of state. Now that they’re out on their own, they have to be able to get around so you let them take that old clunker they “took such good care of” in high school. Or, if your kids are really lucky, you helped them buy a slightly less used vehicle. Chances are, you’re taking your kids to school in your own car with all of their belongings.

How do you get their car to school? You don’t want them driving it all alone, and that car has to last them for several years. Putting a lot of miles on it early isn’t the most desirable option either.
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The answer is simple: Cars Transport will get your vehicle where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. By shipping with us, your vehicle will save some life and miles. Not to mention the money you’ll save on gas. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing your not-so-young-anymore child isn’t driving halfway across the country alone, and your car will make a safe journey as well.

Cars Transport maintains a $75,000 bond, comes fully insured and licensed. By moving over 30,000 cars a year, we are proud to say all of our customers are provided with superior and excellent service. Auto shipping is what we do best.

Give us a call at 1-877-988-8697 to see how Cars Transport will make sending your kids off to school a little bit easier. Be sure to ask about the affordable college packages we offer. Get your free quote today.