Snowbirds Auto Transport

So you’re tired of the cold. You’re tired of taking time to bundle up every time you need to step out of the house for anything. Plus, the sun setting at four in the afternoon isn’t exactly ideal. So perhaps you start thinking that it’s about that time you head down south for the winter. After all, it’s that time of year again when millions of snowbirds from the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest move to warmer climates like Florida, Arizona, California and Texas for the winter.

But what are all you snowbirds supposed to do with your cars? You’re going to need them to get around when you get to your homes down south. But do you really want to drive thousands of miles in the harsh and unpredictable winter weather? Not only is driving long distances through bad weather hard on your car, but it’s also hard on you. Plus, you’ll have added expenses on gas, food and lodging while you’re en route.

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Instead, why not hire Cars Transport to ship your car to your seasonal home? Think of all that time and money you’ll save when you let Cars Transport move your car. With our competitive and affordable rates and timely shipping, we’ll never slam you with hidden fees, and your vehicle will be delivered to you in 2 to 14 days.

Cars Transport’s snowbirds car shipping services include:

  • Auto transport your house
  • Vehicle shipping services with open or closed carrier
  • Full insurance during transportation process.

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Check out all the major snowbirds routes Cars Transport covers:

Snowbirds Auto Transport Florida


Midwest to Florida and back:

Chicago•Detroit•Cleveland Minneapolis•Milwaukee

Miami • West Palm Beach • Naples    Fort Myers • Bradenton • Tampa

Northeast to Florida and back:

Boston • Philadelphia • Pittsburgh     NewYork • NewJersey • Baltimore Washington DC

Miami • West Palm Beach • Naples    Fort Myers • Bradenton • Tampa

Snowbirds Auto Transport Arizona & California (West Coast)


Midwest to Arizona, California, Nevada and back:

Chicago • Detroit • Cleveland  Minneapolis • Milwaukee

Phoenix & Tucson•Palm Springs   Las Vegas

Northeast to Arizona, California, Nevada and back:

Boston • Philadelphia • NewYork Pittsburg

Phoenix & Tucson • Palm Springs   Las Vegas

Snowbirds Auto Transport Texas


Midwest to Texas and back:

Chicago • Detroit • Cleveland   Minneapolis • Milwaukee

San Antonio • Houston•Dallas

Northeast to Texas and back:

Boston • Philadelphia • New York Pittsburgh

San Antonio • Houston • Dallas