Terminal Services

At Cars Transport, we understand your shipping needs may be unique. The terminal transport service we offer might be better tailored to your needs. Terminal auto transport is like a giant storage facility or secured parking lot where lots of different vehicles are either stored waiting to be picked up or delivered. These terminals usually reside near large metropolitan areas and can be found all over the country. At Cars Transport, our terminal service puts the power in the customers’ hand. The vehicle owner takes on the responsibility of getting their car to the specified terminal before the pickup date is scheduled. This same principle is used once the vehicle has reached its final destination terminal. One of the nice features about our terminal auto transport service is it allows for more flexibility between car owners and delivery drivers. Most terminals have the ability to allow cars to be stored for up to a few days; making the process a lot smoother for everyone involved.

Increased Flexibility and Reliability

The relocation process can be extremely stressful, and the amount of wear and tear that is placed upon your car from driving long distances can almost make the trip not even worth it. By choosing Cars Transport’s terminal service, you’re giving yourself the ability to make your relocation process that much smoother. This type of option allows you to set the dates for when your car is able to be picked up, and gives you the flexibility to drop your vehicle off at a time that is convenient for you. Most terminals usually allow customers to store their vehicles for up to 2 to 3 days, either before or after the pickup date. Some terminals charge additional fees for this type of service, but it varies from place to place. Please check with the regional terminal in your area.
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Cheaper than Door-to-Door Services

Auto transportation isn’t cheap, and even if you are able to find discounted rates, there is a good chance your vehicle won’t be handled to the standard we hold at Cars Transport. Generally speaking, in this industry, you pay for what you get. One of the advantages to Cars Transport’s terminal services is the fact that it’s generally cheaper than door-to-door services. Door-to-door transport can be more expensive than terminal services because a lot of times it can be hard for delivery drivers to navigate their large trucks through crowded neighborhoods.

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